Personal Hygiene Tips to Boost Kids Immunity

Personal Hygiene Tips to Boost Kids Immunity

Personal hygiene for kids goes a long way in keeping them safe from germs. The following tips can ensure that y-

Teach your child to be aware of the following types of hygiene:

Toilet hygiene: Teach your child to wash hands after visiting the toilet, preferably with an anti-bacterial soap like Dettol.

Shower hygiene: Showering with an antibacterial soap helps get rid of the dust and grime, along with any excess sweat accumulated on the skin due to humidity.

Nail hygiene: Nails are a particularly friendly place for germs and bacteria, making uncut nails risky, especially when eating. Properly trimmed nails can help reduce this risk.

Hand hygiene: When your kids play in rainwater, they might come back home with hands that carry disease-causing germs. These germs can easily gain entry into your child's body via the mouth, nose or the eyes. Therefore washing of hands should be taught early on so that your child can learn to do it before and after eating their food as well.

Teach your kids to dry their feet before entering the house, washing them properly before getting on to the bed or the couch. This is an essential practice that they should follow.
It is important for your kids to be warm and dry to avoid catching a cold. Boost your child's immunity by giving him/her herbal teas. Also, supplement their diet with turmeric, either via milk or with a pinch added to water which can work wonders.

The importance of hygiene cannot be stressed enough. Maintaining personal hygiene will help your kids stay healthy and also prevent their immunity from being affected by external factors. You can start by inculcating in them the basic practices of hygiene. This will ensure that your kids stay hale and hearty throughout the year.

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