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How to Prevent Coronavirus While Travelling?

We know that you have been home for so long, and you would want a getaway from your normal routine life. However, there are certain challenges while going out to travel during COVID 19 and the new variants that are developed across the world.
You need to be more careful than usual while traveling in the pandemic in order to minimize the risks. There are a certain checkmark that you need to follow while travelling through train/bus/aircraft and there are also certain hotel guidelines to be followed. Make sure you read all the guidelines before moving forward to have a seamless experience. It’s always a great idea to plan things and take precautionary measures before the trip. Being proactive will surely help you and your loved ones be safe in these unprecedented times.
Before travelling there are certain questions you must go through to make a decision to travel during COVID 19:

  • Is COVID-19 circulating in your area?
  • Will you or your traveling companions be within six feet of other persons during or after your trip?
  • Are you and your companions at high risk of contracting COVID-19?
  • Will you be required to stay at home for 14 days following your trip by the state or municipal government where you live or at your destination?
  • Will you have to skip work or other obligations if you get COVID-19?

Here are certain basic guidelines to be followed to prevent yourself from germs while travelling and have a safe journey:

Wash your hands often:

Washing your hands is by far the most important thing that you must do to reduce your chances of catching germs during travel. You must wash your hands for at least twenty to thirty seconds and should have a basic soap with you at all times during the travel. Especially, in public transportation and travel, you must look at the hygiene and then onboard that mode of transport. Washing your hands is the least that you should do to protect yourself from the harmful germs.

Maintain a safe distance:

Maintaining a safe distance from people is one of the basic protocol to be followed during this pandemic. The symptoms of the corona virus are on the same lines with common cold and flu. Hence, it becomes even more important to protect yourself and keeping three feet distance from people wherever possible.

Surfaces to be disinfected:

Disinfecting the surface is important as according to reports, germs and bacteria can be found on the surfaces of bus/train/aeroplane seats and this may not be cleaned regularly. Disinfecting wipes can be used to disinfect doorknobs, bathroom counters, sink and shower faucets, toilet flushers, and other surfaces, destroying 99.9% of germs and viruses that can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours. They're not meant to be used on your skin, so don't use them for personal cleaning.

Keep a hand sanitizer gel on you at all times:

There might be cases when you won’t have access to basic necessities like water, in such cases and in usual, a hand sanitizer will be your savior to protect against the germs. Apply a few droplets of sanitizer gel on to your hands and rub it. Buying a good sanitizer is also very important in this process. Always look for sanitizers which contains at least 60% alcohol. At all times, keep washing your hand using a sanitizer at regular intervals.
Some basic guidelines includes not touching your face with dirty hands whenever you are out in public places. As per reports, the Corona virus stays on the surface for few hours after being touched by an infected person. There might be great chances that this may spread to anyone who doesn’t take safety precautions and comes in contact with it through eyes, mouth, nose, etc.
Can use or spray gel should be carried in your backpack or purse. "It can double as a room spray to freshen up rental cars or hotel rooms after utilising public transportation." You can also use it to wipe your hands after using an ATM or an elevator. Simply squeeze the suggested quantity of gel into your palm and rub your hands together, spreading the gel between your fingers and on the backs of your hands. The gel or spray will dry quickly when exposed to the air.

Stay at a hotel with good hygiene and cleanliness:

Choosing a hotel with good hygiene and cleanliness is of utmost importance. Go to the recent reviews of the hotel and check with the hotel management team if the hotel is maintaining proper hygiene and is safe to stay. Keeping an eye on customer reviews will be of great help in this regards. You can also disinfect or clean frequently-touched objects yourself using a disinfectant spray.

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