Tips on how to remove stains from clothes

How to Remove Sweat Stains from Clothes

White Clothes

White clothes, more than any other colour, shows stains the most. To remove them, soak the clothing for up to six hours in water with Vanish Oxi Action Powder , depending on how stubborn the stain is. After it has been completely saturated, give it a regular wash with one scoop of Vanish to remove the stain.

Clothes of Different Colours

Similar to eliminating stains from whites, soak your item first before washing it. Allow one hour for your item to soak in Vanish Oxi Action water. Afterwards, give it a normal wash with one scoop, and your stain will be gone


With only a smidgeon of milk, this coffee is mainly espresso. It will be a bit more difficult to remove and deeper in colour as a result of this, but nothing that Vanish Power O2 Powder can't manage.

How to Remove these Stains?

Time is crucial with these stains, as it is with most. The sooner you attack these stains, the less difficult they will be to remove. First, rinse the material with warm water from the back to get rid of any remaining food without pushing it deeper into the fabric. Then, using a scoop of Vanish Oxi Action Powder and some more warm water to make a paste, work it into the stain. Don't forget to apply this on the reverse of the stain as well, so the Vanish can work from both sides. After that, launder with the rest of your laundry, adding an extra scoop to guarantee that these stains are completely removed.

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