8 Tips to Eliminate Smoke Odour from your Home

8 Tips to Eliminate Smoke Odour from your Home

We are exposed to a variety of fragrances throughout the day. Some may be beneficial, such as a newly made loaf of bread or a bouquet of flowers, but we must also cope with the more unpleasant ones. Smoke odours, for example, cling to our clothing and remain indoors, particularly on soft furniture in the living room and bedroom. Smoke odour may be easily removed from your house with the correct approach. To learn how, read our top 8 suggestions below.

Remove the stench of cigarette smoke from textiles and surfaces

If you want to get rid of a cigarette odour, you may start with the couches and other upholstered furniture. Hard surfaces, such as mirrors and windows, however, attract a surprising amount of smoke scents because tar and soot from the smoke accumulate on the glass, leaving the smell of the burned things behind. Simply scrub the surfaces with a solution of half warm water and half vinegar, then rinse thoroughly.

Wipe down the ceilings

This may appear to be a daunting chore, but heated air, including smoke, rises. Wipe down the whole roof with the vinegar, paying special attention to places above where smokers sit, as you did before. Allow the vinegar to dry instead of rinsing it.

Wash soft furnishing

Collect all soft furnishings, such as curtains, bedsheets, and clothing, and thoroughly wash them all — don't forget about unique items that aren't readily apparent, such as wall hangings. These types of cloth absorb smoke scents better than tougher components of the room like a wall or a bed frame, therefore they should be used first.

Work on the Carpet

Another delicate object that requires careful cleaning is the carpet, which cannot be thrown in the washing machine. Instead, use a steam cleaner to shampoo and clean the carpet.


This is a simple task! Simply scatter some activated charcoal bowls about the home. It absorbs scents like smoking so they don't stay in your house

Let Some Fresh Air In

Simply open all of your windows to let any bad smell to be replaced with fresh, odour-free air. Place a fan in the room to assist circulate air throughout the area to speed up the process.

Use Air Wick Air Fresheners

Air Wick Air Fresheners come in a range of attractive smells to help you keep your house feeling fresh by removing odours. Choose the right fragrance and remove odour and disperse a pleasant smell.

Use Air Purifiers

These operate by filtering odour molecules from the air and are an excellent method to get rid of cigarette stink and keep your house feeling fresh. To properly install and use your purifier, make sure you read the instructions.

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