Tips on how to remove tea stains from clothes

Beating Coffee Stains - Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha


A delectable combination of espresso and milk, the ideal way to start your day. Removing the stains on clothes from Latte is very simple owing to its high milk content if you can rinse it out as soon as possible.


Cappuccino is known for its froth, which, while it conceals much of the liquid below, may still leave a trace, especially if dusted with chocolate. It's vital to remember not to rub coffee stains in when you first get them, since this will make them much more difficult to remove.


With only a smidgeon of milk, this coffee is mainly espresso. It will be a bit more difficult to remove and deeper in colour as a result of this, but nothing that Vanish Power O2 Powder can't manage.


Espresso, milk, and generally cocoa powder or syrup are used to make this chocolate treat. Because cocoa powder contains oils that make a mocha coffee stains more difficult to remove, it's necessary to soak or pre-treat the stain before washing. A gel-based stained remover is the most efficient way for removing any oil or fat stain, therefore Vanish Oxi Action Liquid could be the best answer for your stain remover for clothes.


An espresso coffee stain might be one of the most difficult to remove due to the huge amount of coffee particles. Despite their small size, they carry a punch, so dab the stain as quickly as possible, scraping away any extra spill. Pre-treatment is critical.

How to Remove Stains from Clothes?

To remove stains, immerse the clothing in cold water right away. After the clothing has been fully saturated, rub Vanish Power O2 Powder into the affected region for no more than five minutes. Finally, wash your item in cold water using a mild detergent to remove any faint stains that may have remained. Your clothes will be stain-free after they have dried!

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