Personal Hygiene for school-going children

Healthy Hygiene Habits at School

Use excellent hygiene to keep your children healthy at school. Whether your child is attending school for the first time or returning after the holidays, interacting with a large number of other children exposes him or her to far more germs than at home. While you can't avoid contact with all germs (and remember that some germ exposure is beneficial), proper hygiene habits can help lower the likelihood of your child contracting an infection. Hand sanitizer can be given to them for times when there is no access to soap and water. Dettol no touch handwash offers best protection from germs and gives a healthy lifestyle to your loved ones.

What is the most common way for germs to spread at school? School children frequently contract cold and flu viruses, as well as tummy bugs that can cause diarrhoea. By contacting a contaminated surface, these illnesses can spread fast from child to child. Dettol automatic soap dispenser comes handy and offers 99.9% germ protection. Coughs and sneezes, as well as consuming contaminated food, can transmit germs swiftly through the air. What are the benefits of maintaining proper hygiene? Once your child is unwell, viruses can quickly spread throughout your home to the rest of your family. Colds and unsettled stomachs are frequent at the start of a new school year, both in schools and in families. As a result, teaching your child about proper hygiene will go a long way toward keeping them and the rest of your family healthy. Viruses that cause colds and flu should not be shared. Liquid hand wash should always be accessible to the kids at all time. Vaccinations can prevent your child from some deadly diseases including tetanus, diphtheria, and whooping cough, but they can't protect them from all types of bacteria.

Some helpful hints for maintaining proper school hygiene

1.Always keep your hands clean

The single most effective strategy to help reduce the spread of illnesses in schools is to wash hands thoroughly. Teach your youngsters how to wash their hands and when to do so (rubbing the hands together for at least 20 seconds using soap and clean running water). No touch handwash by Dettol can be used for handwashing. Hands must always be washed: after using the restroom, before you eat, after having fun outside, after coming into contact with anything filthy, after coughing, sneezing, or blowing their nose, they should wash their hands. after handling a soiled tissue, following the caressing and stroking of animals, whenever your hands appear to be filthy. Put a pack of Dettol Hand Sanitizer in your child's backpack or lunch bag to remind them to use it before eating.

2.Diseases are spread via coughs and sneezes

To prevent germs from becoming airborne, teach your children to cover their nose and mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. After using tissues, dispose of them in a bin and wash your hands with soap and water. If a tissue isn't available, encourage your youngster to sneeze or cough into the crook of their elbow rather than their hands to prevent bacteria from spreading. Laundry sanitizer is of great importance for cases when germs are transmitted to the clothes by mistake

3.Eat a balanced diet

A diverse and balanced diet, whether your child eats a packed lunch or a school dinner, can help safeguard their health and encourage normal growth and development. Proper nutrition also aids attention throughout the class. Before you begin packing a lunch, make sure you wash and dry your hands. It's also a good idea to keep your kitchen surfaces clean and disinfected. Make sure that all of your meals haven't passed their best-before dates. Dettol no touch hand wash refill is of great use if the frequency of handwash is high or if it’s for family use. For best protection of kids while eating lunch, use a hard, airtight lunch box that has been rinsed and dried before and after each use. Fruit, salads, and vegetables should all be washed thoroughly in fresh, clean water. Try to cook food fresh every day so that bacteria don't have a chance to thrive. Try to clean the eating area clean by using disinfecting wipes for surface cleanliness.

4.Make sure to drink enough water

Drinks heavy in sugar, sweeteners, chemicals, and caffeine are far less healthy than water. Encourage your child to drink plenty of water throughout the day, as even mild dehydration can cause drowsiness, irritability, and headaches. Dettol hand wash dispenser allows automatic exit of liquid soap whenever the sensor finds a hand nearby. Taking Care of Illness is also very important. If your child is sick, keep them home from school until they are well enough to participate. In that case there is a risk of spreading their viruses to other youngsters if they return too soon. The best way to ensure that is using the latest collection of Dettol no touch that offers best protection without physical contact. As a general rule, keep children out of school if they have one of the following contagious diseases:

  • Chickenpox: For five days following the onset of the rash
  • Vomiting and diarrhoea: For a period of 48 hours after the last bout of vomiting or diarrhoea, until entirely recovered from the flu
  • Measles: For four days following the onset of the rash, until entirely recovered from bacterial meningitis

You may help reduce the transmission of germs in school by adopting these simple procedures, in addition to encouraging excellent hygiene among children. Especially if your child brings a packed lunch to school, keep school bags clean and clear of food remnants. Dettol touchless soap dispenser should be used by the children after coming back from school. Once a week, gym clothes should be carried home to be washed. Make sure your children's socks and underwear are changed on a daily basis. To kill microorganisms, wash school uniforms at a high temperature. Don't forget to bring Dettol Instant Hand Sanitiser with you; it eliminates 99.9% of germs quickly and without the use of water.

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