• 5 Things to Do to Make Your Family Follow a Healthy and Hygienic Lifestyle

    5 Things to Do to Make Your Family Follow a Healthy and Hygienic Lifestyle

    Your life is valuable! Isn’t it? Life has almost no meaning without living it to the fullest and living a healthy life. If you have health issues, even if you have money you won’t be happy and there won’t be able to enjoy it to the fullest. A healthy life allows you to do whatever you want to and participate in all day to day activities without any barriers or external factors. One should adopt a healthy lifestyle in order to get physical and mental peace. Although developing a healthy habit is difficult, it does need...
  • 5 Ways to Teach Kids About Personal Hygiene

    5 Ways to Teach Kids About Personal Hygiene

    Hands, especially small hands that are active playing and exploring, might be one of the most common carriers of infections. One of the most effective ways to protect yourself and your family against illness-causing bacteria is to wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and antibacterial soap. Make A Chart For Hand Washing Make a hand washing chart with the important times when your children should wash their hands with soap and warm water at home. As a visible incentive for their accomplishment, your children will enjoy crossing off their own hand washing chart. Sing A...
  • Cleaning Tips For A Pet-Friendly Home

    Cleaning Tips For A Pet-Friendly Home

    Nothing makes our pets happier than rushing around outside, gnawing and playing with practically anything that moves, picking up bacteria along the way. That's why it's critical to take a few precautions to guarantee they won’t bring bacteria into your home by accident. Using a liquid handwash before touching infants after you have been with your pet tops the list. You also want to make sure that the cleaning products you use in your house are safe to use around pets; read and follow product labels carefully. Depending on the product, we advise customers to wait...
  • Hygiene In Your Daily Life

    Hygiene In Your Daily Life

    We are all fully aware of the types of health dangers we face on a daily basis, which has made hygiene the most important aspect of our lives. The bulk of new-world infections, such as bird flu and swine flu, have been linked to poor hygiene. If we endeavor to improve our hygiene now, it will undoubtedly benefit future generations. Dettol no touch is one of the most recent innovations in the field of hygiene and its important to understand the unique features of this product.  Dettol sensor hand wash automatically detects the presence of hands...
  • Healthy Hygiene Habits at School

    Healthy Hygiene Habits at School

    Use excellent hygiene to keep your children healthy at school. Whether your child is attending school for the first time or returning after the holidays, interacting with a large number of other children exposes him or her to far more germs than at home. While you can't avoid contact with all germs (and remember that some germ exposure is beneficial), proper hygiene habits can help lower the likelihood of your child contracting an infection. Hand sanitizer can be given to them for times when there is no access to soap and water. Dettol no touch handwash...
  • Cleaning Guide for Bedrooms and Living Areas

    Cleaning Guide for Bedrooms and Living Areas

    Rooms have surfaces and regions that are extremely susceptible to allergies and bacteria accumulation. With a few simple steps, you can kill allergies and bacteria while also lowering cleaning costs. In most cases, the risk of germs spreading from your living room and floor space is minimal. However, allergens such as dust mites, pollen, mould spores, and pet allergens may use the location of the floor as a "landing point." Cleans Germs And Dust To Reduce Allergens Below are some general cleaning suggestions to help you reduce germs and allergens while maintaining a safe and healthy...
  • Kitchen Sanitization and Importance of Hygiene

    Kitchen Sanitization and Importance of Hygiene

    How Do Bacteria Get Around? Germs can spread quickly when ready-to-eat food is prepared on raw food-infected surfaces, or when cooked food is served on contaminated plates and utensils. In this process, germs are often transmitted from one person to another and in many cases, it also spreads from one family to another. This can easily be prevented, if one makes it a habit to maintain kitchen hygiene, by using surface cleaners, and other home care products How to Keep Your Kitchen Dishes and Utensils Germ-Free After carefully maintaining hygienically clean surfaces in your kitchen, it's...
  • Home Care Products For New Mom’s Survival Kit

    Home Care Products For New Mom’s Survival Kit

    Keeping your home clean necessitates a significant amount of effort. If you don't have a clear plan for all of your cleaning needs, things can quickly get chaotic. When you add a new baby to the mix, everything becomes much more challenging. Allow us to assist you by providing a "new mom survival cleaning kit." Picks For Cleaning And Disinfecting Antibacterial Surface Disinfectant Spray by Dettol act as one of the best ways to get rid of germs and other viruses especially when children are in the stage of crawling and tend to touch the surface...
  • Coronavirus Prevention – Germy Things That We Forget to Clean

    Coronavirus Prevention – Germy Things That We Forget to Clean

    While a speck of dust or dust will not survive a spray of disinfectant on the bathroom floor or kitchen counter, many household objects will. Frequently, your everyday cleaning exercise involves areas that are not immediately apparent. However, the house will not be properly cleaned until you clean and sanitise some common objects. Here are some of the items you should include in your cleaning list, especially for coronavirus prevention, to provide a decent, healthy, and safe environment in which to raise your family. Disinfect Kitchen Drawer Handles Even though you frequently contact the drawer handles,...
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