Automatic room freshener for closet

Tips To Make Your Closet and Clothes Smell Great

Clothing materials may absorb the odours of their environment, which can be an issue if your wardrobe smells musty and unappealing. Allowing your closet to define your distinctive smell is a bad idea. Air Wick offers a variety of scent-freshening solutions for your wardrobe.

Most Common Caused of Bad Closet Odours

Because it generates a unique odour, dampness and the resultant mildew is a typical cause of unpleasant closet odors1. Closets are typically overflowing with clothing and shoes, and are frequently used as extra storage space for various goods. This causes suffocation and poor air circulation, which exacerbates moisture.

Dampness might arise from either newly cleaned clothes that hasn't been properly dried before storage, or from sweaty shoes that have been worn in. Storing soiled clothing on the floor of your closet may result in a build-up of sweaty, stagnant smells

If the room has inadequate air circulation or moisture from an en-suite bathroom isn't being efficiently removed, your closet walls and flooring might be the root of the problem. This excellent breeding environment for mildew to spread to clothing and the surrounding closet structure (ceiling, walls, etc) is created by a lack of air movement, excessive humidity, and moderate temperature.

The Air Wick Solution

If your closet smells musty and nasty, you know how easily odours may migrate to your clothing, regardless of how much soap and fabric softener you use.

Your personality and, more crucially, your mood are reflected in your scent and apparel. The fragrances you come across on a daily basis might have a bigger impact on your mood than you would think. So, if you don't smell your best, you probably don't feel your best.

Check out the Air Wick Room Fresheners, which are ideal for storing in tight closet areas. Solid room air fresheners have no chance of spilling and are ideal for areas without a power outlet.

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