Dishwashing Solutions

7 Common Dishwashing Problems & Solutions

What are the Common Dishwashing Problems & Solutions?

Problem: Dishes are still wet.

Solution: Properly load the dishes so that the water may drain freely. If required, increase the rinse aid dose setting.

Problem: Food in the vicinity of the filter

Solution: Before loading, scrape out any big food particles from the dishes. Use both the standard and automatic wash cycles.


Problem: The issue is rusted cutlery.

Solution: Avoid extended exposure to acidic or salty foods (e.g., mustard or ketchup) Use stainless steel of the highest quality. (For example, 18/10)

Problem: Detergent residues at the conclusion of the cycle.

Solution: Make sure that heavy plates or large utensils do not harm the dosing chamber door. Tablets and powder can stick in a wet dosing chamber.


Problem: Orange stains on plastics.

Solution: Scrape objects before putting them in the dishwasher, or use a rinse and hold cycle. Place in direct sunshine to restore the natural colour.


Problem: Foaming Machine is an issue.

Solution: Due to the presence of residues of hand dish soap on the plates. With high-quality detergent, pre-washing is not essential. Finish Powder or Finish All-in-1 Powerball Tabs are two options for finishing powder. Rinse aid may have spilled while being refilled, or the rinse aid chamber may be leaving. A lot of protein-based food was left on the plates (e.g., eggs or milk)


Problem: Dishwasher won't drain

Solution: If the drain line is kinked, the water won't drain correctly into the machine. Ascertain that a section of the drain pipe is at least 0.5m above the dishwasher's enclosure floor. Cleaning the filter system on a regular basis will keep it from clogging (e.g. once a week).

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