What causes cloudy glasses

How to get rid of Cloudy Glasses?

The appearance of clouding or a hazy film on your glasses might be unanticipated. When glasses become foggy over time, they often discard them or put them in the back of a cabinet, only to use them when no one is looking. This does not have to be the case, as it is totally avoidable. To fix this problem, we must first comprehend what the issue is and what is generating the cloud

What causes cloudy glasses?

There are two major reasons of hazy glasses, both of which develop over time: corrosion, or etching, and hard water deposits. These are two entirely different forms of clouding that necessitate separate preventative measures.

1. Corrosion:
Corrosion occurs over time as a result of normal use. While this is neither avoidable nor reversible, there are a few things you can do to help protect your glassware as much as possible to help prevent clouding for longer, such as making sure it's dishwasher safe and using products like Finish All in 1Max Powerball that have added glass protection ingredients.

2. Hard Water Deposits:
If you live in a region with hard water, you may see deposits in your dishwasher. Limescale, for example, can stick to your glass and plates, giving them a hazy look. Limescale deposits on your glass, fortunately, may be easily removed and avoided. While your location has a lot to do with water hardness, it's no longer totally out of your hands.

The Finish Solution

Finish products are intended to accomplish diverse jobs while collaborating efficiently to ensure that your dishes, glasses, and silverware are all thoroughly cleaned, eliminating the need for repeat washing.

Finish Rinse Aid

For many people, foggy glasses are a source of humiliation. By keeping your machine stocked with Finish Rinse Aid, you'll not only help protect your glasses from the damaging effects of hard water, but you'll also get shinier, drier dishes after each wash.

Finish Rinse Aid has 5 x power actions in addition to a glass protection component to give your dishes a table-ready finish after every cycle:

  • Rinses residue
  • Speeds up drying
  • Fights water spots
  • Film protection
  • Brilliant shine

Finish Rinse Aid guarantees that any water droplets that develop on surfaces are dispersed before they evaporate and leave behind any limescale residue.

Finish Dishwasher Salt

If your dishwasher is leaving white residue on your glasses, it's possible that it's due to a shortage of dishwashing salt. This white residue might be caused by significant limescale deposits on the glasses. Dishwasher Finished Salt softens water, which reduces the number of stains and watermarks that hard water can leave on your glassware.

Finish Power Detergent

A strong detergent, such as Finish Power Detergent, provides you the clean and shine you want while also protecting your glass from deterioration.

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